Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic flow to a website by understanding and taking advantage of the alorithms search engines use to rank search results (SERPS).

Simply put, it’s the art of appearing first. And we can help you do it.

All of our techniques are ‘whitehat’ (legal), effective and used widely throughout the industry. Some of these methods include:

  • Keyword management. We will carefully assess the appropriate keywords for each page, and ensure the page is optimised to promote these to search engines without spamming your users with them.
  • Image optimisation. Behind the scenes, every image has a title and an ‘alt tag’. These are the secrets behind appearing in Google Images and can drastically increase your traffic.
  • SSL integration. If your host supports it, we will install a free SSL certificate on your website, so rather than http:// you get https://. This is an important factor as of 2019.
  • Mobile optimisation. You will be punished if your website has display errors on mobile devices. No need to worry about that with us.
  • Speed optimisation. The speed of your website is now a factor in ranking algorithms. We will optimise your coding, image size and other factors to decrease your page loading times. However, in some cases higher quality imagery, which causes longer load times, may be preferred to a quicker site. We will discuss this with you if the dilemma arises.
  • High quality META information. This includes META titles, descriptions and tags (tags being rather obsolete now, but we throw them in free anyway).
  • Social Media Integration. Where possible, we will integrate your social media pages into your website, which greatly increases your domain authority.

“We had an old website built by an agency in 2012 and it was starting to look a bit dated. We were getting leads from it but they were few and far between with us only showing on the second page of Google. Within 3 months of getting our upgrade from MBO we’d hit top spot and we’ve been working over capacity ever since!”

Jack PMBO Customer